Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Tentative Hello

I think I may start blogging again. Had fun playing with the new design tools.

Ten days ago I had eye surgery, a vitrectomy. I had my ten day check-up today. Everything looks great according to the doc. My eye is pretty much back to normal except for what I noted in that photograph - my vision seems unchanged.

My youngest brother and two of his daughters were to visit the mister and me for a few days starting tomorrow. My brother's request for a passport was turned down by the state department due to something I won't go into here (he's not a bad guy, trust me). I'm conflicted. On one hand I'm disappointed that I may not get to see them. And yet I'm uncomfortable having a bunch of people staying at my place, relatives or not, so I'm relieved at the same time. My older niece is still coming up north to see her boyfriend. We may get a chance to see her depending on schedules. And we may yet get to see my brother and my other niece if we schedule a meet-up for lunch half-way between Mum's and our place. I've already turned down the offer of us going down to Mum's for a couple days. I'm really not up to that. I just had the eye surgery and prior to that Mum and I went on a two week road trip. I just want to hole up in my cave.

The road trip blog with photos is here. My family is unaware of this blog (but have access to the trip blog) and I'd like to keep it that way, thanks.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I just watched the pilot episode of Glee. It was fun! I was in choir for most of my time in school. Choir is a bit different from a glee club, but it sure brings back memories. They've already filmed 13 episodes so it's here for a while at least. I'll keep my fingers crossed hoping that it's picked up for a full season.

Friday, August 28, 2009

It Burns!

My throat and stomach that is - I'm having a bad gastric reflux attack. I hate stress.

The mister and I spent Monday morning to Thursday afternoon at a local motel while the hazmat crew was at work. The motel was fine. We swam once, took a couple drives, a couple walks, ate way too much junk food and watched the complete extended version of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. We even lucked out and the motel management let us in the room early Monday and let us stay an hour late on Thursday. And I'm totally amazed at how Kaylee took the whole thing in stride. Good dog! She did better than I; silly me got kinda of teary Wednesday night due to homesickness.

We had been told the whole thing would be done sometime Wednesday afternoon, but that obviously didn't happen. And the only way we knew it wasn't going to happen is because the mister had to keep calling various people to get some info. We had no problem with them running later than they thought they would, shit happens, but would it kill someone to pick up a fucking phone?

Anyway, the new bathroom flooring looks really good and they did an excellent job reassembling the bathroom itself (toilet, vanity, etc). It's nice to be able to poop in your own bathroom.

Now we just need to know when the actual plumbing work is going to start.

Friday, August 21, 2009


A new World of Warcraft expansion pack has just been announced. It looks totally kick-ass. Two new playable races (worgen and goblins), new race/class combos (humans and worgens can be hunters, yay!), new territories, a new secondary profession (archaeology) and major changes to the terrain. And - hold on to your hats - flying mounts in Azeroth. Blizzard said they weren't going to do that because it was a whole rewrite of the game. I guess they changed their minds. I am so stoked!

I can't find a release date. Maybe xmas?

Plumbing Update

I'm talking pipes, baby!

The hazmat team is supposed to be here Monday through Wednesday (prepping, working, clean-up). What hazmat team, you ask. We have to have a hazmat team because there's asbestos in the lower of two layers of vinyl in the bathroom. Please note that we have one (1) bathroom. Fun, eh? We're going to be staying at a local motel during those days. We'll take the dog with us but the cats and rats will have to fend for themselves. Actually, we'll do our best to keep them comfortable and out of the way of the workers. And the mister is going to visit the house once a day while we're in the motel.

The plumbing work itself may start on Monday as well. Coordinator dude says the plumbing repair should take only a day or two. We've been sleeping in the living room for three weeks and while that's not a total hardship, it'd be nice to be back in our bedroom. (The plumbing problem is in the wall between our bedroom and the bathroom. Well, actually it's in the floor but the wall is the starting point.)

The bottom dollar: it appears we'll have to pay $1800 to $2000 for the plumbing work. Rumour has it that the insurance company may cover some of that. They will cover all decor restorations (flooring, drywall, paint, etc). We've already picked out the bedroom carpeting and bathroom vinyl. I'm hoping we can pick paint colours.

Call me cynical, but I bet dollars to doughnuts that it takes another two weeks at a minimum.

Special note to readers: don't buy a place with fewer than two toilets.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


How're you doing?

Okay, enough about you, let's talk about me.

Lots of stuff has happened. There have been health issues for both the mister and me, some of them taken care of, some ongoing. I've played several online games and am now (kinda) back at WoW. I missed this year's family reunion because of a passport screw-up; the next one is in 2011. We're currently going through some plumbing problems that have us sleeping in the living room. The plumbing problem arose when we would have left for the family reunion, so it wasn't a total loss. I have three fancy rats as pets - Newt, Becket and Scout. I got them mid-March and they're now almost eight months old.

I think those are the highlights. Back to my hordes of followers. What do you think of all that's happened to me?

Thursday, January 01, 2009


I wonder if I should turn this into a WoW blog. Hm, decisions... decisions...

As mentioned in a comment Ravenhart, my Draenei Death Knight, hit level 80 on Tuesday. That was pretty exciting. She's also finished Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, Grizzly Hills, Zul'Drak and Sholazar Basin (and all the achievements, quest- and exploration-wise). Not sure which of the last three zones (not counting Wintergrasp, the PVP zone) she's going to hit next.

I was also thinking of respecc'ing (aka: respecialising) her into a more current/popular Blood Knight build, but why fix what ain't broke. It works for me and until I'm shown that a different build works better I'll stick to her 61/0/10 build.

I've updated my WoW link list to the right. I've added a couple blogs to the list and, if you hadn't noticed, my five mains are listed at the end of the list with the little squiggly things by them (yes, I know - tilde).

Ravenhart in her Winter Veil glory:


Happy New Year's, folks. May your best moment of 2008 be your worst in 2009!