Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For ShelaghG

I love my Draenei Death Knight. I'm using this Blood build (one point to go in Unholy). I got it from Talentchic but, oddly enough, that exact build isn't there any longer. I tried the build known as Ghoul Knight, but didn't enjoy having the pet as much as I thought I would. Anyway, Ravenhart is about halfway through level 79 at the moment, and questing through Zul'Drak. I really don't like that zone, but I'm trying to finish off each zone at least once. That way, with another toon, I'll know what I can and can't skip.

I'm also enjoying the new Achievement thingie. I'm quite goal oriented in my playing: I hate farming and prefer to work toward something. Having a goal - finishing a quest or getting an achievement is my cup of tea.