Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Tentative Hello

I think I may start blogging again. Had fun playing with the new design tools.

Ten days ago I had eye surgery, a vitrectomy. I had my ten day check-up today. Everything looks great according to the doc. My eye is pretty much back to normal except for what I noted in that photograph - my vision seems unchanged.

My youngest brother and two of his daughters were to visit the mister and me for a few days starting tomorrow. My brother's request for a passport was turned down by the state department due to something I won't go into here (he's not a bad guy, trust me). I'm conflicted. On one hand I'm disappointed that I may not get to see them. And yet I'm uncomfortable having a bunch of people staying at my place, relatives or not, so I'm relieved at the same time. My older niece is still coming up north to see her boyfriend. We may get a chance to see her depending on schedules. And we may yet get to see my brother and my other niece if we schedule a meet-up for lunch half-way between Mum's and our place. I've already turned down the offer of us going down to Mum's for a couple days. I'm really not up to that. I just had the eye surgery and prior to that Mum and I went on a two week road trip. I just want to hole up in my cave.

The road trip blog with photos is here. My family is unaware of this blog (but have access to the trip blog) and I'd like to keep it that way, thanks.