Monday, November 28, 2005


We're still at home. We're scheduled to fly out tomorrow morning. It just works better for flying schedules and, frankly, it costs less. It may seem a little odd to be concerned about $200 right now but that's where we are. Half of that savings is going for an upgrade in the rental car. It will snow while we're in Ontario and a bigger car will, hopefully, help.

It's supposed to snow somewhere between 5 and 10 centimeters tomorrow morning. That'll be fun for driving to the airport and taking off. On top of everything else, I (actually, we) haven't flown since 9/11. And, oddly enough, we were in Ontario when that happened (we were able to fly out the Friday after the bombings). Needless to say, I'm a wee bit nervous about the whole thing.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


The trip down to the extended family Turkey Day went well. Mum and I had a really nice time and met some more extended family. Friday we went back to Mum's place. I called Eli while we were eating breakfast. He sounded a bit distressed and said he'd talk to me when he got to Mum's that evening. We ended up having another phone conversation because he was worried that I thought something was wrong between the two of us. I was concerned, of course, but it hadn't occurred to me that it might be something I had done. Anyway, it wasn't.

Eli's oldest brother called Thursday night and told Eli that their father was in hospital and had been there since the beginning of the week. Dad had an infection of some sort and had been on antibiotics for a while. We don't know yet whether the drugs or something else had given Dad diarrhoea. Anyway, the oldest brother had visited Dad and noticed his weakened condition and took him to hospital. He was admitted and some tests were run. It also happened that they found a clot in his heart and damaged heart valves (Dad had five bypasses earlier this year).

Jump to Saturday. Mum, Eli, Bro#1 and his wife and I were at the Seattle Museum of Art for the Tiffany exhibit. The rest of us had gotten a bit ahead of Eli. I wandered back to a previous room and there he was looking kind of lost. I wandered up and poked him in the side and asked him if he was lost. Eli turned to me with a stunned look and tears in his eyes. He choked out that his younger brother called to tell him that their father had just passed away. I hugged him for a couple minutes and told him to go downstairs and that after I told Mum what was going on I'd catch up to him. The rest of the family gave us a few minutes downstairs before catching up to us.

We're flying out tomorrow sometime for the service which will be held Wednesday or Thursday, per Eli's oldest brother. We'll probably be staying at Dad's house.

Dad also had a cat. If there's no one else available to take him, we'll bring him home with us.

In spite of Dad's previous heart problems, this has been a shock to everyone. He had been doing so well. Hug your loved ones and let them know you love them.

I don't really know how to end this post. It'll be quiet here for the next week or so.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

On Her Way

Mum called at 8:30 a.m. to let me know she was on her way out the door (that gives me about 1½ hours to get my shit together). Anyway, I realized that this is the first time I've actually missed her since I was a teenager. (No, I'm not going to tell her, I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings.) It's been about three months since we've seen each other. There have been much longer gaps between visits so the timing isn't the culprit. I'm not sure why this is. And I really don't know what this says about myself.

Time for breakfast.

Monday, November 21, 2005


Weird dream last night:

I'm with a group of people that have been gathered up into one place by another group of people. We're loaded into tram-like vehicles and start moving along. I'm very suspicious of this second group's intentions. More and more people are added to the tram. Eventually a cloth cover of some sort is draped over the tram. I keep saying something about this all being wrong and these "people" aren't what they seem. I kind of fade out for a moment and then we're in a different place. They pull off the cover and we're allowed out of the tram to wander about. Out of the corner of my eye I notice something in the sky. It's Earth. I knew it! We continue wandering about and I notice the kids in the group are gradually disappearing. I comment on this and then people start getting concerned. Um, hello? We've been kidnapped to another planet and now you're getting concerned?! Dimwits. We run across this other group that seems rather confrontational yet friendly. A couple people in that group says to leave us alone and they seem to focus on one member of their group. They tell her to not forget that she was once human. "Once human"? Uh oh. Time to leave. But wait! A couple guys show up and say that it's my turn, that I'm really special and the only adult they're taking. I wailed something about how I always end up being picked up by the ugly guys. And then I woke up.

Do I have the dooziest dreams or what?

The RV is sparkling. Why yes, Mum is coming to visit. How did you ever guess? It's just an overnighter. She's taking me with her to visit some family for Turkey Day. We'll be back to her house Friday sometime and Eli will join us there. He's taking Monday off. It would be nice to have him there for the whole thing but one day is all he can take at the moment.

And yes, I've moved again. I'm just not using my webspace enough to justify the cost. In spite of that, it's really not the money (it costs about $45 per year to keep going - hosting and URL renewal). Eli has said the money spent on it is fine (remember - he's the money maker, I'm unemployed) and not to worry. I can't justify using money this way to myself - I feel guilty when I can do it for free. Does that make sense? Anyway, between Blogger and Flickr I should be satisfied with my online presence.

100+ Things

01. Deborah

02. December 15

03. Sagittarian

04. Year of the Horse

05. Female

06. Reddish-brown w/silver, short

07. Dark bluish-grey

08. 5'4"

09. MYOB

10. Glasses

11. Tattoo #1: bee and flower on inside of left ankle

12. American in Canada

13. Married December 2, 2000 to Eli

14. No kid(s), ever

15. Heretic

16. Pale pink, silvery green

17. Cheerios

18. Sarah McLachlan, Evanescence, Jann Arden, Dixie chicks, '80s

19. Star Wars, Last of the Mohicans, costume dramas

20. Mexican, Italian, Chinese
(I haven't had good Mexican food since I left California)

21. Diet Coke w/lime

22. Autumn

23. Early morning

24. Pale pink roses

25. Jeep Wrangler - white

26. Silver, white gold, pink gold

27. Cats and dogs

28. Amethysts

29. Irish Breakfast tea - coffee smells wonderful, but tastes icky

30. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

31. 4 brothers

32. I'm next to the youngest

33. I always wished I was (were?) a single child or adopted

34. I went to 8 schools growing up

35. capitals are over-rated

36. I met my husband on the internet

37. In a chat room

38. I've been online since May 15, 1999

39. INFP

40. Bookworm

41. Favourites - Dune series, Outlander series, Kushiel series, Doomsday Book by Connie Willis

42. Pathologically shy

43. I suffer from SAD - Social Anxiety Disorder

44. And diabetes which was discovered in my first ever physical at 34

45. I applied April 2001 to become a Landed Immigrant in Canada

46. Survivor addict

47. I haven't spoken to my father since 1987 (tried again 08/05 - he ignored me)

48. Born and raised in Southern California

49. Moved to Texas in 1994

50. Moved to Washington in 1999

51. Moved to Canada in 2000

52. I've been to 5 countries
(America, England, Scotland, Mexico & Canada)

53. I've been to 11 states
(California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Illinois & New York)

54. I've been to 3 provinces
(British Columbia, Ontario & Quebec)

55. Deborah means bee in Hebrew

56. I collect "bee" things

57. I was 8 when I broke my left arm

58. I was pissed-off because it was all scraped up and I couldn't wear a cast

59. I fell out of a neighbours' tree

60. I have seen 3 "Stonehenges"
The original and 2 psuedo - one in Texas & one in Washington

61. I've been to Avalon (Glastonbury Tor)

62. I believe in magic

63. I was in the chorus in Bye, Bye Birdie in junior high school

64. Tattoo #2: eye of Horus on outside of right ankle

65. Addicted to The Sims (see below)

66. I can swim

67. I am also addicted to our cable internet access

68. I've received two traffic tickets (speeding & illegal passing)

69. I'll never jump out of a perfectly good airplane

70. It broke my heart when Watterson discontinued Calvin and Hobbes

71. I love long, hot showers and rarely take baths

72. I didn't wear makeup until my early twenties

73. I love orange juice but can't eat them because the pith makes me gag

74. I am supposedly allergic to vitamin C

75. I haven't had a problem with it since I was an infant

76. The only thing I've ever won is a Max Headroom t-shirt

77. I make kick-ass spaghetti

78. My garlic bread is even better

79. I've thrown up in public

80. It was in elementary/grade school, I had heat stroke

81. In my purse:
wallet, Excedrin Migraine, brush, Burt's Beeswax lip balm, lipstick, compact, cell phone, pen, notepaper, gum, keys, passport & Maple Card

82. I am also allergic to peanuts, but only in mass quantities

83. In spite of having no kids, I am a grandmother of two

84. I have a step-son

85. He's only four years younger than myself

86. I hate shoes

87. I want to be a photographer when I grow up

88. I want to learn to play the violin

89. I want to learn to speak Japanese

90. I dislike math

91. I wish I were a better writer

92. I am alone most of the time

93. Most of the time that's okay

94. Sometimes I'm desperately lonely

95. When I was a kid I wanted to be a cop

96. I have no idea what in hell I was thinking

97. I used to be afraid of the Easter Bunny because he could get inside the house

98. For some reason Santa Claus didn't scare me

99. In my immediate family (parents & brothers) I am the only one not to have been in jail

100. I can't believe that I finally reached 100 things

101. I love dandelions

102. Eli and I adopted two kittens (Abigail & Oliver, May 16, 2003)

103. I've had an online journal since June 4, 2001

104. I'm thoroughly convinced that if I could get over my shyness I would be an awesome actor

105. Anything over 75 degrees Fahrenheit is too hot

106. I love to curse

107. shitpissdamnhellmotherfuckingcocksucker

108. I almost drowned once

109. It's the closest I've been to death

110. Except when I used to get tonsilitis on a regular basis

111. I was physically and sexually abused as a child

112. The first record I bought on my own was Air Supply

113. I can't dance

114. I got my nose pierced in August 2003

115. As of June 29, 2004 - I am a Landed Immigrant in Canada

116. I've remembered that I have won a few dollars here and there

117. I'm addicted to EverQuest (MMORPG)

118. I am currently taking meds for depression (Effexor and Wellbutrin)

119. I don't care who knows

120. If I talk about it, it's possible I'll help lessen the stigma against depression and taking meds

121. I'm no longer playing The Sims or Sims2 (not until I get more RAM)

123. Sweetened iced tea is icky; lemon only, please

124. I spend way too much time at MetaFilter & Metachat

125. If I can't be a photographer, I want to be a librarian

126. I have no money to go to school to become a librarian

127. Since I have no money I'd like to work in a bookstore

128. I'm not employed currently (see #118)

This post is subject to changes, rearrangements, redactions and additions. Do not bend, fold, spindle or mutilate. Not available in Quebec, Kentucky and/or Poland. Void where prohibited by law. No animals were hurt in the typing of this post.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Obligatory Test Post

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