Monday, November 21, 2005


Weird dream last night:

I'm with a group of people that have been gathered up into one place by another group of people. We're loaded into tram-like vehicles and start moving along. I'm very suspicious of this second group's intentions. More and more people are added to the tram. Eventually a cloth cover of some sort is draped over the tram. I keep saying something about this all being wrong and these "people" aren't what they seem. I kind of fade out for a moment and then we're in a different place. They pull off the cover and we're allowed out of the tram to wander about. Out of the corner of my eye I notice something in the sky. It's Earth. I knew it! We continue wandering about and I notice the kids in the group are gradually disappearing. I comment on this and then people start getting concerned. Um, hello? We've been kidnapped to another planet and now you're getting concerned?! Dimwits. We run across this other group that seems rather confrontational yet friendly. A couple people in that group says to leave us alone and they seem to focus on one member of their group. They tell her to not forget that she was once human. "Once human"? Uh oh. Time to leave. But wait! A couple guys show up and say that it's my turn, that I'm really special and the only adult they're taking. I wailed something about how I always end up being picked up by the ugly guys. And then I woke up.

Do I have the dooziest dreams or what?

The RV is sparkling. Why yes, Mum is coming to visit. How did you ever guess? It's just an overnighter. She's taking me with her to visit some family for Turkey Day. We'll be back to her house Friday sometime and Eli will join us there. He's taking Monday off. It would be nice to have him there for the whole thing but one day is all he can take at the moment.

And yes, I've moved again. I'm just not using my webspace enough to justify the cost. In spite of that, it's really not the money (it costs about $45 per year to keep going - hosting and URL renewal). Eli has said the money spent on it is fine (remember - he's the money maker, I'm unemployed) and not to worry. I can't justify using money this way to myself - I feel guilty when I can do it for free. Does that make sense? Anyway, between Blogger and Flickr I should be satisfied with my online presence.


Sillynun said...

I will follow ya no matter where you go..

IT's not the location that matters anyway..


deborah said...

Aw thanks, Vince! *smooches*