Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ol' Bugger

Yesterday was Eli's birthday. He's 55. Yeah, I married an ol' fart. Not really, he's like me - very kid-like. Anyway, it was very low key. I bought him a couple cards (always two - one funny and one serious) and a birthday cake. We don't usually do birthday cakes so I thought one would be a nice surprise. And it was. There would normally be gifts but since funds are short due to the trip back to Ontario, we're combining birthday (mine is Thursday), anniversary (five years December 2) and Christmas gifts into just Christmas gifts.

A friend of ours works at Rona (similar to Home Depot) and last night was "Friends and Family" discount night. Eli wants a 18 volt cordless drill/screwdriver but even with the discount it was out of our budget. And we didn't really find much else to buy so it was a bust, but it was fun just wandering around.

I've just about got our Christmas cards done. I need a few addresses for Eli's side of the family (and this time, I swear I'm going to put them in my Outlook address thingie!), Eli needs to sign them and we'll be all done.

Our Christmas swag is up. Swag rather than tree, if y'all remember, due to the cats and room. It looks nice. I'll try to get photos taken and posted (can't find the old photos) soon.

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