Monday, January 16, 2006

Guess What?

Eli's still home. He was feeling better this weekend but didn't get much sleep Saturday or Sunday night. And, of course, he's still feeling crappy. However, the mister came up with a brilliant plan - NyQuil! He doesn't really have the symptoms it covers but it will help him get some decent sleep. I just wish one of us had thought of it sooner.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here's a cool Livejournal (yes, really!) with photos of a Bag End dollhouse. Here are the photos of the completed project.

And darn it. We were a day short of the rain record. You'd never know it here in the ol' RV park. The river that runs through it (ha!) is quite full and the duck pond has overfloweth.

And, ironically, the water in the park is kaput. But the Trailer Trash Goddess came up with a wicked smart (pronounced: wicked smaht) plan. The largest Tupperware container has been placed outside under the dripping awning to catch rainwater. We can, therefore, flush the toilet. Yay me! The powers-that-be have been mucking about with stuff (I've seen them wandering about outside) but I have no idea when our water rations might be reinstated.

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