Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm late, but I have an excuse - I was out of town. Neener neener.


I hope y'all have a wonderful 2006. May it be better than last year.

Eli and I went to Kamloops for a short visit with the in-laws. We drove up Friday. The Coquihalla was snowy to say the least. It wasn't as bad as I feared, but it was still rather teeth-clenching. Sad thing is that there wasn't enough snow in Kamloops to use the toboggan. Ah well. We four watched the Fantastic 4 Friday evening. It was okay. Not one that I'd buy but I'm sure Eli will. Saturday was a lazy day - SIL and I watched TV as she knitted and I read. BIL and Eli went to Futureshop to upgrade their hub to a router. We played Texas Hold 'em 'til 1:30 this morning. I hadn't ever played but I still came in third (Eli lost first, ha!). The drive back down the Coq was uneventful as well. All in all a good visit.

Eli's dad's will was in the mail. So, you'd think the five surviving sons would normally have split any inheritance five ways, right? That's not exactly what happened. It turns out that Dad included BIL-in-Kamloops ex-wife in the will - BIL and his ex get to split a share. Dad didn't do this to any of his other sons all of whom are married (as is BIL-in-Kamloops to a woman he was married to before the date on the will). No one is very pleased with this except, of course, the ex-wife. Actually, I don't know that she's pleased as I've never spoken with her. But with everything I've heard about her I'm thinking I'm probably correct.

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