Wednesday, April 19, 2006

All By Myself

Don't wanna be all by myself...

Eli is out of town for a few days. He's gone with 13 other cow-orkers to Toronto for an emergency data retrieval program-thingie (aka: DPR). It's a drill to see if they can recover all the data for the company in 72 hours, get them up and running, blah blah blah. I would guess most big companies do something of the sort. InsCo does it twice a year. This is the first year they're doing it in Toronto (it used to be done in New Jersey) and we can thank Homeland Security for that. InsCo has had the nerve to decline to make available the personal info of it's customers. Yes, the U.S. government has made that a condition of holding these DPR things in the U.S. Anyway, Eli will be back late Saturday. *sob*

Finally bought lotsa flowers for my pots. Got all those planted this weekend, cleaned up the deck, put out it's tchotchkes (little lanterns, a couple birdhouses, a couple whirly-gigs, wind chimes, etc.) It looks nice if I do say so myself. The only disappointment was there weren't any tomato plants to be had. I have to be out tomorrow so I'll make a stop at a real nursery and see if I can rustle up one.

Speaking of tomorrow - it'll be my second WW meeting. Can't wait to see if I've lost weight. There'll be more about that over here in a few minutes.

Speaking of duckies (not that I was), I've seen two hatches so far. They're sooooo cute!

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