Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's off to Petsmart We Go

Kaylee had her first trip to PetsMart on Saturday. She drooled most of the way to the store but loved being there. Lots of good smells and people handing out love and treats. She wasn't all that fond of getting her claws clipped but it had to be done. The mister and I watched (from a distance) to see how the pros handled it and hopefully we can do it next time.

The trip back wasn't as pleasant for Kaylee or us. The poor pup ended up puking probably because of all the treats. It took her the rest of the day to really recuperate. Saturday was about 90F so it probably wasn't the best time to take her on a field trip. Hindsight is 50/50 dontcha know.


Shelley said...

Yes, I'd blame your recent vision problems for your lack of foresight. ;-)

A pup's first trip to the pet store is an important journey indeed. And the first nail clipping? A very big deal. Next time, fewer treats and more pats, perhaps? Here's a little *scritch* for Kaylee. *scritch* That's a good girl.

deborah said...

Smartass. And yes, definitely fewer (or no) treats next time.