Friday, August 28, 2009

It Burns!

My throat and stomach that is - I'm having a bad gastric reflux attack. I hate stress.

The mister and I spent Monday morning to Thursday afternoon at a local motel while the hazmat crew was at work. The motel was fine. We swam once, took a couple drives, a couple walks, ate way too much junk food and watched the complete extended version of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. We even lucked out and the motel management let us in the room early Monday and let us stay an hour late on Thursday. And I'm totally amazed at how Kaylee took the whole thing in stride. Good dog! She did better than I; silly me got kinda of teary Wednesday night due to homesickness.

We had been told the whole thing would be done sometime Wednesday afternoon, but that obviously didn't happen. And the only way we knew it wasn't going to happen is because the mister had to keep calling various people to get some info. We had no problem with them running later than they thought they would, shit happens, but would it kill someone to pick up a fucking phone?

Anyway, the new bathroom flooring looks really good and they did an excellent job reassembling the bathroom itself (toilet, vanity, etc). It's nice to be able to poop in your own bathroom.

Now we just need to know when the actual plumbing work is going to start.

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