Thursday, January 05, 2006

Poor Baby

Eli was scheduled to go back to work on Tuesday (he'd been on holidays since December 24). He's still home. He's been feeling like crap the last few days - achy, sore throat, stuffed sinuses, headaches, not sleeping well (me, too, but not as bad as Eli). I think there's a bit of depression (about Dad) mixed in there as well. Not to mention just being tired and not enough time off this last year.

Eli's first ex-wife called last night. She's sending annulment papers for him to sign. The ex is Catholic and Eli is not, but he agreed to get married in the Church and for any children to be raised Catholic. Anyway, it was mentioned when we went back for Dad's funeral that she had a boyfriend and they were thinking about getting married. That's happening, apparently. My daughter-in-law mentioned that she thought the ex stayed single for a long time hoping for a reconciliation with Eli. Sorry, Charlie, that ain't happening. You snooze, you looze.

Did a bit of tweaking on the ol' blog last night. Signed up with Technorati but the button won't show up. Ah, well. I'm thinking of doing some stuff graphic-wise but I'm not sure I want to get that involved right now.

Shit, shit, shit. There was more I was going to blog about but now I can't remember what. Can one have Alzheimer's before she turns 40 years-old?

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