Monday, January 09, 2006

Still Home II

Eli is still home. He's going to call the doc for an appointment. I think his biggest problem is not sleeping. (I'm feeling about the same as I was when I last posted - achy, nauseated, etc.) I'm fairly worried as this really isn't like him. We'll just have to see what the doc says.

We've watched most of the Firefly DVDs. There's only the last episode and the special stuff to go through. I still can't believe someone in his/her right mind canceled this show. It had to be revenge or something of that sort. Or, possibly, Whedon didn't grant sexual favours to the right person (maybe that's the same thing?). Fox has been known to bring back a series or two (The Family Guy for one, rumour has it Futurama may be returning). I guess I'll have to hope for that or that they keep making movies.

There's a good article on diabetes in today's online NYT. You can read it here (I've linked to the printable version, I don't think you have to register for that). It's fairly NYC-centric (statistics and such) but informative nonetheless. I've said it before and I'm saying it again: a lot of people who have diabetes don't know it. Next time you're at your doctor's office - tell him/her you want to be tested. If you have a friend with diabetes, ask if you can try his/her tester (I'd be glad to do it). If your sugar levels are above normal - get a real test done. It doesn't matter if no one in your family has it - you can still get diabetes (I'm the only diabetic in my family). It's an awful chronic illness that leads to blindness, amputation, kidney failure and other complications. No matter how you go about it - get tested.

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