Saturday, January 28, 2006

When Will It Be Over?

You know, if I'm not at my regular doctor it seems I'm at the dentist. The fun part is that they're both in the same town - over an hour's drive away.

My root canal is now two-thirds complete. I go back Wednesday for the final filling. I guess we ran out of time because the dentist didn't get to the tooth that needs filling (although he numbed it) and wisdom tooth extractions. At least, I thought he was going to do it all yesterday. Whatever. I think I heard him say that the filling may actually turn into another root canal. Blergh.

Isn't my ongoing dentistry a wonderful topic? Ah well, there ain't much else to write about.

Except, of course, the weather! We had several power outages last night due to high winds. The outage this morning lasted several hours.

Wheeee, my life is so very intriguing.

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