Sunday, February 12, 2006

I've Gone to the Darkside

I've made an account at MySpace and even spent a couple hours making it kinda/sorta tolerable to look at. You are safe clicking the link - no music shall invade your ears. The link to my profile is in the sidebar.

More serious news - Eli's brother called about the settling of their Dad's estate. The house (and other miscellaneous stuff) has sold and escrow closes at the end of February. Some of Eli's share will go to pay off the credit card we used to buy plane tickets, etc. to go back to Ontario for Dad's service. The RV will be paid off this summer. With the money from the (future) sale of the trailer and the inheritance we'll have a very nice down payment. As wonderful finally having a real place to live will be, we'd both rather have Dad still alive.

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