Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy VD Day!

Yeah, I know the "D" or "Day" is redundant. Sue me.

The idea for this was stolen from here.

Last bit for my teefers: I had my last two wisdom teeth extracted yesterday. They were gnarly to quote my dentist. He asked if I wanted to take them home. No, thanks. But I did want to see them. He cleaned them up and showed them to me. Yep, gnarly indeed! My roots are corkscrewed into my gums. And I look like a half-assed chipmunk today. And it's a good thing I had lots of Tylenol 3 left over. Blergh. I'm glad it's all done.

So, I have one root canal and four fillings. Is that about average for adults?


Shelley said...

I dunno what's average, but that's about what I've got, too. Oh, and two crowns, one of which is one the root-canal-treated tooth.

deborah said...

My dentist didn't mention getting a crown for my root canal. I thought they were mandatory, but I guess they aren't. And I also have a missing molar. I didn't have very good dental coverage at the time and extraction was the cheapest option. At least it was the rear-most molar - no gaps!

Frisbee Girl said...

I don't know if that's normal or not, but OUCH!!