Thursday, February 16, 2006


I forgot to mention the Jeep had to have more work done on it. Poor Eli was driving home last Wednesday when it died on him. He had it towed to the mechanic we use and caught the bus home. All told, it took him six hours to get home. Anyway, it turned out it was the radiator. For some reason the gauge wasn't showing it as hot. Long story short - and $500 later - it got a new radiator and the usual new oil, filter, etc.

And my mouth hurts - I'm having to take about six Tylenol 3 a day. Funny thing is that it's the inside of my cheek (it was rather roughed up with the extractions) rather than my gums where the teeth were extracted.



Shelley said...

That seems like a lot of T3 to be taking 48 hours after the extractions. I'm sorry you're in that much pain. Did they tell you how long to expect the discomfort?

I find a warm salt water rinse (or salt and hydrogen peroxide) can help with sores inside the mouth. Seriously, give a call to the dentist's office in the a.m. to get their opinion on (a) your tooth/jaw pain, and (2) whether an oral rinse of some sort might help with the roughed up inner cheek. Good healing! Oh, and sorry about the Jeep, too. :-(

deborah said...

It probably is too much although I'm allowed up to eight in a day. They said it'd be a week or so.

I've been doing warm salt water rinses since Tuesday. I didn't do but two or three yesterday, tho'. Definitely not enough.

I think the problem is eating and talking (my teeth are what's irritating it). If I could quit doing those for a few days the sore on the inside of my cheek would heal. :^P

The thing is I can get tattooed and pierced without batting an eye, but when it comes to pain in my mouth - I'm a MAJOR wimp. Anyway, I'm going to try today without the drugs. We'll see how it goes!