Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Hm. Eli's computer is hung.
Let's see if turning the monitor off and on will do it.
Nope. Okay, let's reboot it. La la la.
Well, no internet connection, that's odd.
We'll do the ol' hook and rehook the cable trick. La la la.
Still nothing. Well that's just weird.
Let's reboot the whole modem then. La la la.
And now let's restart the computer. Yay!
Alrighty then.
Ahhh, EverQuest has an update. La la la.
Update is done, let's start EQ.
Hm. That's weird.
Windows error, wants to send report to Mr. Gates. Let's click no.
Trying again... same error. Bugger! And buzz off Mr. Gates!
Let's try a restart on the pc. La la la.
Trying EQ again. Alright, now we're getting pissed off. Stupid computer.
Let's hard boot this freakin' thing. La la la.
Trying EQ again. Dammit! Oh well, Eli gets to deal with it later.

And no, I'm not going to update my EQ install at this point. Do I look stupid?
Don't answer that!


Chad said...

Hey, Sweets ... glad I found you again! :)

Chad said...


Come on over if you get a chance!