Monday, March 20, 2006


Eli just got a temporary promotion including a 10.25% increase in his salary. A coworker is on maternity leave for a year and Eli gets to fill in for her. The contract says it's for only six months but it's likely to be extended another six months at that time.

I'm leaving tomorrow morning to spend a couple days at Mum's. I'm going to my first Meetup on Wednesday night (it takes place in Seattle). I'm already nervous but I can't wait to meet whomever shows up from MetaChat and MetaFilter. I already feel nervous enough to barf, but I'm sure it'll be fine.

And it'll be fun to see Mum for a couple days. I owe her a birthday present and we'll go shopping for that. She also needs shoes, if not a dress, for Bro#2's wedding. Shopping for that should be fun as well.

Ran across a really interesting site the other day: Mysterious People. I've only looked at a couple pages so far, but y'all may enjoy it.


Chad said...

Oh, I love your page look. Maybe you should tweak other people's pages for them, make 'em look purdy, and charge for it! :)

Hope you have a wonderful trip!

deborah said...

I used to do that, except for the charging people part. I lost interest.