Friday, March 24, 2006

Did I Mention...

Actually, I know I didn't. Remember me tripping up the stairs to the washroom? (Oops, I just looked at my archives and I forgot to tell y'all. I tripped on the bottom step lip thingie turning my right knee into spam and shredding my left big toenail. It's pretty much healed now with a bit of scab remaining on my knee.) Tuesday, on my way to Mum's, I stopped in at Burger King for breakfast. As I was leaving I stepped off a curb and my right ankle/foot twisted under me and down I went. Thank the gods the parking lot was empty and no one saw me. So, now my left knee resembles spam and my ankle is stiff and sore. Well, all of me is kinda stiff and sore. Anyway, what's weird is the area just above my left breast (hee, she said breast!) is sore. I think I had my hands kinda tucked under me when I landed and that's what happened to my boob (boob!).

I'm such a klutz.

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