Thursday, May 25, 2006

Peyton Place

Kaylee and I were standing outside minding our own business (well, Kaylee's business) and a couple interesting things happened.

There's an RV across the way from us in which a man, a woman, a pug and a cat live. Whilst Kaylee and I watched the woman came slamming out of the trailer in a flurry. She had on one of her many straw cowboy hats, a black leather jacket with fringes, high black boots and was dragging the pug by her leash. Seeing the pug on a leash was a surprise itself - that dog is never on her leash. Now, this woman comes across as a laid-back California beach babe from 1977. I didn't know people like that could move that fast. BeachBabe quickly disappeared up the road towards the front of the RV park. Kaylee and I looked at each other and shook our heads.

Not ten seconds after this, one female duck attacked another female duck who had one duckling in tow. AttackingDuck latched onto the side of MamaDuck and held on. Both ducks went round 'n' round under the neighbour's RV and into the road and back again. Both ducks were making enough noise to wake the dead. And all the time this was happening the poor duckling was cheeping and following her mum in desperation. AD finally let go of MamaDuck and wandered away.

A couple minutes after the Duck Drama the guy that lives in the RV across from us roared up in his big black truck at a clip a lot faster than the 10kmh speed limit in the park. Ducks who had been sitting in his parking place went scrambling for safety as he pulled to such a quick stop gravel went flying all over the place. He stormed into his trailer slamming everything that could be slammed (truck door, RV door, etc. I think he would've kicked a duck if any of them had remained in reach). He was in there less than a minute, slammed back out, threw himself back into his truck and took off at speed scattering yet more ducks. He hit a speed bump so fast and hard I wouldn't be surprised if something was damaged.

Again Kaylee and I looked at each other and shrugged.

Just then AttackingDuck decided to have another go at MamaDuck who was under our birdfeeders eating sunflower shells with her duckling. I put a stop to that and chased AD back across the road.

Kaylee and I were so overcome by the drama we went back inside our RV and took naps.


Shelley said...

Kaylee can shake her head and shrug in keeping with the events going on around her? That's amazing! I know adult humans who can't do that.

The napping, though? Sure.

deborah said...

Well, maybe shaking her head was a bit of anthromorphisizing (or whatever that word is), but I swear with each little drama she stopped, watched, looked at me and (with a mental shrug, maybe?) then went back to doing what dogs do. It was kinda freaky.