Monday, September 11, 2006

The Second Time is a Charm!

We hope so, anyway.

We just signed the contract for the townhome we found this weekend. It's a bit different from the previous townhome: no formal dining room, not as updated (but in good shape), smaller (no basement), nicer complex and a much nicer backyard. It's also a bit more expensive but still within our range. It's not far from where we live now so the mister's commute will be about the same with no train involved. Oddly enough, for you who remember, it's around the corner from the apartment we lived in four/five years ago.

If we get it (the number of pets is an issue), we won't be closing until December or so. The current owners are in the process of looking for a place. We met the wife and she said they're moving because she wants a house. They have two small children (one is an infant) and I can certainly see wanting more room with a nice yard.

In other news, I'm typing this on my handy-dandy new keyboard (Microsoft Comfort Curve). My old one was filthy beyond endurance (although it was my own filth - eating at one's computer tends to make one's keyboard filthy. I like saying that - filthy filthy filthy!). We also bought a decent all-in-one printer (Epson Stylus CX3810). We had a nice Lexmark (it was free with my new PC a couple years ago) but Oliver decided he needed to remove the encoder (encoding?) strip. Silly beastie. In the interim we were using my ancient BubbleJet (BJC101 or something like that - I got it free with my original eMachine in 1999!). Anyway, the new one is just as nice and he can't get at the encoder strip.

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