Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This Ain't Happin', Man

We're not buying the townhome. We were finally able to review the minutes of the strata (HOA) meetings for the last five years. There have been roof/leak problems since before 2001. The roofs were redone in 2003 and there are still problems. Thanks, but no thanks.

So, we're disappointed of course, but we already have a few townhomes to see in Langley and Aldergove. It's odd but both the mister and I are feeling much more optimistic this time around.

I've kinda dropped the ball on keeping y'all updated on my eye issues: I had my initial appointment and the doc confirmed that I have diabetic retinopathy. I had another appointment to scan my eyeballs (OTC, OCT, something like that). I have another appointment on the 19th in which they inject nuclear dye into me for some more testing. My laser surgery is schedule for September 27.

Bonus points if you can tell me which movie my title comes from.


Shelley said...

Sorry about the disappointment on the house, but VERY glad you found out about the problems before you were committed to the purchase. It may take time, but you and E will find the right place ... don't be afraid to take it slow.

And CRAP about the eyeballs! {{{deborah}}} I hope that the doctor(s) can prevent further deterioration now that it has been diagnosed, but I'm sorry you have to deal with this doubtless unsettling news.

Finally: Aliens?

deborah said...

I think we dodged a bullet on that one, Shelley. Nothing like being nickle and dimed into having to move again. Not fun!

Eyeballs - it won't prevent further deterioration. Only I can do that by keeping my BG in line. Hopefully it'll clean up the spots but there's no guarantee(y?). I'll have to have check-ups every six months after the surgery until the cows come home.

deborah said...

And yes, Aliens. Private Hudson was quite the whiner. :)